Wooden Forest Creatures

Nov 1, 2018 | Latest News

Children used the power of their imaginations to design and make their very own wooden forest puppets at our children’s woodcraft course, led by craftsperson Alice Midmore.  Already full of ideas the children listened intently to Alice whilst she described different techniques and how to safely use the tools set out.
The children then took no time at all to come up with a design for their very own forest creature made completely out of materials from the Wyre Forest.  Bodies and heads were cut from birch whilst elder sticks were hollowed out for arms and legs.  Wings, tails, ears and horns were made and feathers were carved out onto one of the creatures’ bodies.  Noses were pointed using the shavehorse and drawknives whilst one creature was given a very long neck and another some hair.  Once all the components were made the children began work to carefully assemble their puppets.
It didn’t take long before a magical unicorn, a tall giraffe, a mischievous fairy, a flying owl and two cunning foxes came to life at Ruskin Land.


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