We Won!

We’re  thrilled to be the recipients of the National Community, Participatory and Libraries Award for the Big Draw 2016!

The 2016 Big Draw and Apple Day at Ruskin Land took place around St George’s Farm over three days last October. Easels were placed in woodland pasture and charcoal made on bonfires was used to create drawings. Over a 100 people aged from 2 to 83 attended and drew lots of beautiful pictures. Duke the horse who helps extract felled timber from the forest was on hand as well. We also celebrated Apple Day juicing apples, identifying and drawing them.

The WCLT works closely with a local school, Birchen Coppice who also came with their families and joined in the fun.

When we heard we had won the prize we invited Dylan and his family from Birchen Coppice to go to London to attend the ceremony. Dylan really enjoyed the trip which included a voyage on the Thames. Dylan even spoke at the awards ceremony, thanking Lynne Roberts for all her hard work in making the 2016 Big Draw an event to remember at Ruskin Land. We would all like to join him in thanking her.

The Big Draw and Apple Day 2017 will take place again in October as part of our HLF project Ruskin in Wyre for more details please visit www.ruskinland.org.uk