News from Ruskin Land

Jun 19, 2015 | Living in the Forest

Ruskin Land, in the heart of the Wyre Forest, aims to become an important source of inspiration to improve the natural environment and enrich peoples’ lives.

We moved to St George’s Farm at the heart of Ruskin Land in July 2015. The land was given to John Ruskin in 1871 by George Baker then Mayor of Birmingham. We feel privileged to be here. Working with colleagues at the Wyre Community Land Trust and the Guild of St George, the charity set up by Ruskin to promote arts, crafts and the rural economy, the ambition is to become an influential rural centre for the arts and environment inspired by Ruskin’s vision to “take some small piece of English ground beautiful, peaceful and fruitful”.

This site will provide regular updates on life in Ruskin Land with words mainly be me and pictures mainly by Lynne.

Neil Sinden