John Ruskin had a vision for our place that it should be ‘beautiful, peaceful and fruitful’, and fundamentally this is what we strive for. As well as nurturing the beauty and peace of Ruskin Land, we bring out it’s fruitfulness, supporting a flourishing and distinctive place, a rich wildlife around a thriving community.

WCLT have have always been welcomed people in to play a part through volunteering or working here, to come to events and courses, or just soak up this wonderful place. Our partnership and projects are all about stretching this further.

This is the Building a Sense of Place page.

Here we want to talk about people’s stories including Tim/Jenny/the Volunteers/the Trainees/Norman/Cedric/John/ Linda/Jim/John Weston/Nathan.

I hope to be able to talk to people and make some short films. Also lots of pictures and blurbs/interviews in writing.

We can use the Common Ground films.

We can share stories from the past (link back to the Origins of Ruskin Land page if we’ve put more stories about people there)

I’m envisioning there be a lot to say all for one page, so there will be lots of links out to what will look like new pages, but will actually be posts (just a technical difference within WordPress) . The only difference is that these pages will be also be searchable from an Extras page (or whatever we want to call it) so that people can explore around and find interesting things. We don’t want to overload the menu with hundreds of pages, so I think this is the best way to do it. This can evolve as the site develops if we think of a better way.